The Effect Of Stress on Dieting

Stress is such an interesting thing in how our bodies and minds react to it. With lots of practice and eliminating many stresses from my own life over the last few years, I’ve worked hard to get rid of those extra pounds. However, things will still happen that are outside of our control.

my-weight- loss-struggleAn interesting question was asked between a group of my friends…. What would life be like without stress? My response was it would be great! Lol. Another person responded with, well; most people would be less productive because without stress we’d never have a good enough reason to motivate us to make changes in our diets.

I decided to stop the yo-yo dieting. I want to feel better day to day, be at the comfortable place with my body where I can wear anything and not worry about if my clothes ride up (like tops and constantly pulling them down), and to be stronger day today so that I can physically do more.

Maybe the frustrations from my illness have caused these desires? I don’t think so because even at a very healthy size, and  physical condition, my illness will still be there. I’m prepared for that because in the past I wasn’t and felt incredibly defeated when my pain sored to an all-time high. Continue reading

What May Hinder Your Weight Loss Progress

Some updates before the main topic of this post. Today also marks the last day of the 2nd week of the Venus Factor 12-week program and my Eat-Up Day! I have lost 1.5 inches on my waist (25.5 to 24.0) and abt 0.75 inches on my hips (35.75 to 35.0). My weight drop about 3lbs (110 to 107). That’s not a big progress but I’m happy because I don’t have a lot to lose actually. My aim is to build more lean muscle while losing some fats.

It is weird how these triggers evolve both from a calorie deficit over time and also from your body fat getting lower. Everything Denise says right there is my experience too, on the habits and the focus on protein and veggies. I notice that I have far more triggers now at a lower body fat then any other time in my life. It’s pretty consistent for me now the triggers when under stress and it’s the biggest reason I can’t eat too low. Everything stays fairly much under control if I eat at maintenance and only slightly under if I need to make up for any going over.

Ok, so now back to the main topic. I just want to share some information that I have realized that can possible hinder weight loss for some of the girls here through observation of my own dietary intakes. It’s just some of my observation and therefore came to such conclusion, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Firstly, my weight loss in week 1 was pretty fine, small but smooth (I lost a few hundred grams each day on both workout and rest days). But after my first eat-up day, I gained back about 200grams. It was fined to me as weight can fluctuate slightly.

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However, when week 2 of the Venus Factor  begins, i realized there was a plateau and my weight just stucked there even on workout day with calorie deficit. So I looked at my food diary on fitness pal and make some guesses of what could be the reason. So in order to see whether my guess is right, I made some changes to what I am planning to eat for the next day. And guess what, after the changes I have made, my weight began to start dropping again!

Although this system is using calorie deficit to aid weight loss, but i think other factors could help or hinder the progression. It is not something new actually. For those with some science background, it should make some sense. So what is it?

It is actually associated with how our body regulates on the macro (carb, protein and fat) metabolism in our body. I realized macro combination is very important! And what I think has led to the plateau? That is eating carb and fat together! Yes, the reason is actually quite simple and straight-forward. Why? Continue reading